Oh no, not the Poem Freaks!

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Ok, what do I exactly get out of signing up?

Now, if you hadn't read this elsewhere because it was too dull, fair enough.

We are currently taking suggestions from our members as to what you would get, so far you get the privilege of having a profile, commenting on videos/blogs/forums and access to pages not available to non-members. You can mail us with suggestions or questions about us.

In the future we hope to send out prizes or random gifts, and are also planning marches for charity or just to march (because we like helping, of course ...Ok we like being loud). Anyway, there's no harm in joining, occasionally you may get an email, perhaps once a year, but if you don't want any emails just reply with an offensive tone and we'll stop.

So... Now that you have not read that, want to join the Poem Freaks Army?


Maukie The Cat