Oh no, not the Poem Freaks!

Dude I Pimped My Cow!

Our pet Fishies o.O

What? The Poem Freaks being helpful?

Ok, behind the evilness, and the blackmail... and the obsessions... We actually just want to help, and make things better (Our idea of making things better was Not So Evil Plan Number Three and that actually just dug us a deeper hole into which we fell headfirst).


Everyone out there who wants to help but can't afford to send money away please visit the following links (They are websites which allow you to donate something by just making you click a link or do a small online task. When somebody is to complete this task or click a link they send off a small donation to whichever charity they are supporting. It's not much, but, as Tesco's say, Every Little Helps.)

Note: More of these will be added as we come across them.

http://www.freerice.com/ [Answer questions, send off rice to starving people]

http://www.goodsearch.com/ ["Choose your cause, search, we donate"]


Charity March

After the not so recent earthquake in Haiti we planned a march through our town, even wrote a letter to the council about it.

Don't mind the Penguins...

Mmm... Piano...

Welcome to the Weird and Wonderful Inventions Section

These our just some the things we've tried out that strangely seem to work... Try them for yourself, as we have been generous enough to share them!!!

Poem Freaks Original Holecmms

Yay squid and Ladymess made this while they were at Ladymesses house... woo

 Things you need:






Lemon Juice




Unsweetened cocoa powder


1) Get a cup as big as possible

2) Get your honey and pour it into the cup until the bottom is covered

3) Put a tsp of cinnamon in

4) Add a tsp of sugar

5) Stir in a teaspoon of cocoa powder

6) Add a tsp of lemon juice

7) Heat the milk for 2 and a half minutes

8) Add the milk and stir until the mixture has dissolved

9) Find a really comfy seat and a good film

10) And... Relax

Tropical Drink Thingy

You will need:

Morrisons own orange juice or, if you're posh, Waitrose

A glass

Strawberry and apple squash


1) Pour the amount of squash you would usually use for squash into the glass

2) Slosh on the orange juice

3) And drink mmmmm. The perfect summer drink for a perfect summer day

Poem Freaks Tip

For an even more summery drink add ice and a mini umbrella, for a non-alcoholic cocktail (Or a add some gin or Vodka, whatever your... preference)