Oh no, not the Poem Freaks!

Dude I Pimped My Cow!

Ok, What?

...Who are the 'Poem Freaks'?

The Poem Freaks were set up a few months prior to Evil Plan Number One, and, was basically, an accident. However, now that we're here, we've made it our goal to help and entertain any internet wanderers- or indeed alienate the majority of the school. That was also an accident.


The Poem Freaks Army started out with just Loz, Squid, Ladymess and Amy (Codenames are for our own safety really. Haha, no, I'm kidding.. o.O ...), but, because of all the awesome people that have agreed to join us and help the world, we have grown.

Whilst most of our members are the fellow freaks at our school (They were intrueged when offered coffee and soup and a years supply of polos), there are many who have selflessly agreed to help and have fun. Because, if you're dedicated.. Being a Poem Freak really isn't boring. Whether you play the games, chat on the forums, or indeed aid us in our evil (or, not so evil) plans, you joining is, well, it's nice.

If you can help in any of our goals (see below), please, feel free to contribute- We can't save the world on our own, you know... However much we try.

Now, for this hideously long block of text to end. Tada. (:


Failures we may be, but we can always dream, well, dreams are a little... Unpredictable, let's say. Anyway. Now to add a little more to the list.

Get mahusive flat/house/mansion

Buy humungous plot of land

Build an animal rescue centre

Set up a solar panel farm in The Gambia

Walk to the poem tree via the North Sea (According to Google maps, anyway)

Fire the witch

Install an oven into E13 or some other cave we manage to take over at Green Lane.

Here be magical topic changing ponies

Whilst we may be of assistance to you in all enquiries relating to-



(Notice polos comes before poetry)





The best site to go to if you're a teen is http://www.teenhelp.org/

It's amazing for helping. It's basically a website compiled of an online chat, forums and..stuff.. filled with people that just want to help. So, any questions you've got, any help you need, any help you are willing to give, set up an account and make a profile and weeeee meet the magical topic changing pony.

Now, for something completely the same.


My thoughts exactly.