Oh no, not the Poem Freaks!

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(This site is the result of a brief [ongoing] moment of insanity, blame the school) 

Heya peoples sorry about the mess of this site but the poem feaks website was ill and it needed to recooperate. Ok, we lie, we had too much stuff to do. SORRY PEOPLE!!!! Maybe it will recover if enough time is ever found in the world. If on some whim the urge ever takes you, you are still welcome to use this dysfunctional site to post things. Much love, The Poem Freaks 


2nd March 2012: We remember that this site exists 

2nd October 2010: Poem Of The Month competition reset

30th September 2010: Online Shop Opened 

20th September 2010: New Quiz



Hi, you have just found a website made by a few really weird kids who are into... Poetry?! Shock, Horror! Ok a website is probably a bit far, but who cares? *Dances around in Web Space* Don't worry peoples, we're just Livin' la vida Loca!


PS, We should probably include this to not scare people away, because that's not really the intention. This is a site where you will not be judged for being weird or an outcast, as most of us are already either weird, outcast, or, more commonly, both. But it's nicer to be different, we hope you think so too. Be proud of being who you are and live life to the full, without the constant hold-back of what society says we should look like and act. Just have fun. Oh, and don't forget to join! ;) 


 If you're mad enough, or scheming, or bored, or like games, or want to chat, or have nothing better to do, please join us in making the world a more dangerous and uncomfortable place to live in! You won't regret it.

 PS: That isn't a guarantee.


If you steal any of our members' poems off of this site, we shall have to smite you. (Not like we'll find you or anything, but, if we do, well, you'll feel the full force of 68,102 pigeons. 68,102 trained, armed, angry pigeons.)

You have been warned.

Now, go have fun :)

Hangman anyone?


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